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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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1 minute ago, Manwë said:

Serious question: if some PL team came in and offered us £4m for Moore, would you accept it?

Depends on the add ons but probably. Maybe if he went to a Prem club he would lend us some Wingers. We haven’t got enough of them at the moment. 

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12 minutes ago, Morepork said:

When your a team that doesn't come back from losing positions and has a manager that hasn't once shown the ability to effect the direction of a game (in a positive way) with his tactical ability it leaves little room for optimism.

Affect....haven't you seen the TV and?

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Just now, Royal_D said:

Why would you think anyone other than the manager is picking the side ?  The owner isn’t even in the country to my knowledge 

Magic things called telephones mate. lol


Tbh... It's just a wild throw based on previous comments from Carlos about chansiri jr. 


It's that bad this season, any kind of idea has to be thrown into the mix at just how bad this is. 

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I actually thought we improved towards the end of the fist half against Bolton and we’re much better in the second half… the problem is, that like tonight, 35-40 minutes of terrible, awful football makes it difficult to take any positives from that point forward

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1 minute ago, marshy said:

No win after going behind in 2 years 

or luck has to change some time. 
doesn’t it?


We do keep giving ourselves plenty of opportunities to end this dismal run. We've got the falling behind part of it nailed.

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