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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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1 minute ago, TheEnchanter said:


Even under previous managers going back years we rarely play well 2 games in a row especially away against a teeny tiny club. So basically this is written in the script for us to lose. 

I’d settle for us winning one game in a row tbh

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2 minutes ago, striker said:

In fairness, we're set up the same as on Saturday when we created plenty of chances and looked decent fir 75 minutes. Players need to be questioning their lack of effort, composure, movement  first. 


But, but they are tired

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1 minute ago, quinnssweetshop said:

It's laughable. 


Once again.... 

No credible manager would do that, so again... Who is picking the team. 

Chansiri  jr? 

Why would you think anyone other than the manager is picking the side ?  The owner isn’t even in the country to my knowledge 

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1 minute ago, CalmJimmers said:


Tired minds on the bench.

Let’s hope they are able to manage the sharing of the brain cell…so they are at least capable of throwing a towel onto the pitch.

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You have to feel sorry for the travelling supporters. Always give 100%. Even when we're losing they are still encouraging the players by chanting their hearts out. 

What a pity the team can't respond. 

As it is we're losing and never come back from a losing score to win. 

Best could be a draw but we won't win. 

Well done the supporters. 

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