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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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4 minutes ago, Southie_Owl said:

For those wanting to give Moore time so the team can gel, I’m not quite understanding it.  So the team gets progressively worse and then will suddenly come good, right? 

I'm with you, it's October. They should a lest be showing some signs of effective play. It's the tactics. 


To narrow, to slow. All on the manager this.


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7 minutes ago, catdog1121 said:

Moore is going to do enough to keep his job, DC seems to stick with managers, so frustrating...


Question is are we good enough to be promoted, we have a few great players but we are weak at the back, both our keeps are prone to mistakes and we don't have that much of a goal threat..

Well at least that’s given me a good laugh! 🤣

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Apart from the garbage set up, garbage and headless chickens that is Wednesday.    What heck is going on with their 20 yard running throw— Ins?  Shows just how crap we are when I focus on this.

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Just now, mrbluesky said:

The players have got to start questioning the way we play, or the lack of ideas, we are a shambles atm.



Nothings changed since monk took over, he rode the coat tails of what Bruce left for a few months but once he got his hooks in we went to shįt and drop to mid table I’m convinced it’s not all the managers fault we have to address a number of issues

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3 minutes ago, Pieman said:

You don’t get better chances than that, at any level of football…

Yet again, we are second best in central midfield, on the few occasions it goes through there. Horrible, long ball side. Iorfa is too casual, needs to play the game on the pitch, not paper. Wing needs replacing, not his night.

This is a battle, full stop. The game will be won or lost on effort, desire and belief.

Weve lost then. This team has NO effort, desire or belief.

I didnt think we could get worse than the last few years..................apparently we are

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Just now, TheEnchanter said:

I think they all turned up in the summer genuinely thinking they were all billy big balls and that they were going to walk the league and now teams get stuck into them they can't even do the basics. 

It's this.


All mouth and no trousers.


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Started that first half so poorly, grew into the game more after such an awful start. Wing should have scored, and once again we are talking about missing clear chances.


Let’s see if we can do the unthinkable and turn a defeat into a win. I’m not holding my breath! 

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No doubt Moore will be happy with the possession stats at 62% - we controlled the game he will say.

One shot on target so far says it all.

The Derby debacle showed how good this manager is - no game management then and none this season.



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2 minutes ago, SiJ said:

Keeper looks jittery as fizz.


Johnson is a crap of all trades, master of none.


Out of the back three, Palmer is the most comfortable on the ball...


Hunt looks half decent.


Bannan completely ineffective. Wing hopeless and Dele is trying a bit.


Patterson back to looking like a bloke who should be down the pub.


Zero service for Gregory.



That's the problem with him. He looks like that 99% of the time but then every other game gets a goal or set one up and keeps his place on that basis where the reality is his all round game is largely shocking. 

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