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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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poo first half, the only person who enjoyed that is Giddings, the fat tail. 


No tempo, composure or ideas. Mostly the same team that played on Saturday, but again playing like they've never met each other before. 


No movement, aimless long balls and only ever one mistake away from conceding at the back. 


I stood up for the performance on Saturday, in the face of much criticism on here, but can't defend that tonight. Very poor indeed,  look completely clueless against poor opposition.


Still 45 minutes to go for this team to redeem themselves, but won't hold my breath.

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2 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:

Just looking at the SWFC instagram story our players look cool and slick as **** arriving at the stadium in their tracksuits and wash bags and air pods. Proper cool. 


All the gear, no idea! 

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That was shocking. Outfought and look like 11 strangers turned up. We know this league is a battle and we seem to be half asleep when we should be pushing up and getting in their faces. For most of that half, their keeper could have been in the bar having a few 

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Just now, Box_Man said:

Adeniran for Wing

Corbeanu for Paterson 

Berahino for Palmer




       Hunt.       Iorfa.      Dunkley.     Johnson


Corbeanu.       Dele.       Adeniran.       Bannan


                      Gregory.     Berahino 


Get Dennis and Dele to win midfield and go Carlos style with Bannan tucked in on the left


The fact so many changes are needed with personnel land tactics after just 45mins is a perfect reason why DC needs to sack Moore before we play Lincoln.

Patterson has done well especially in defence 

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Keeper looks jittery as fizz.


Johnson is a crap of all trades, master of none.


Out of the back three, Palmer is the most comfortable on the ball...


Hunt looks half decent.


Bannan completely ineffective. Wing hopeless and Dele is trying a bit.


Patterson back to looking like a bloke who should be down the pub.


Zero service for Gregory.


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1 minute ago, Southie_Owl said:

For those wanting to give Moore time so the team can gel, I’m not quite understanding it.  So the team gets progressively worse and then will suddenly come good, right? 

Spot on but you can bet some will still say give him more time, incredible. 

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Just now, WAWAWUTO17 said:

24.1% win under Moore. Wow!

He had no track record of any note apart from taking Donny from 6th to 8th. Perfect for us though.

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Our players will currently be thinking / commenting on the state of the Cambridge changing rooms & facilities. About how crap they are compared to championship stadiums. Few of them will be thinking they are cold, wet & want to go home. This is why we can’t turn any team over & will not win many away this season

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That was grim. We were out played, out muscled out passed and out of ideas.




We argued among ourselves, gave the ball away, lost the second ball, we played high balls at every opportunity ...in a high wind. Basic stuff.


For a team with quality players for this division we never showed it.


Disgusted is probably the appropriate word to describe how I feel after that.


Hope we come out and play football.

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