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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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My eyes are bleeding with this rubbish.  One team up for it, using the wind, getting to the first and second ball first, closing down and putting pressure on. And it's the mighty Cambridge. 


Give me strength. 


And don't get me started on Wing. 

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Just now, WatfordOwl said:

Set up to win a game ffs. 


Not try to avoid defeat! 


We are shockingly bad at staying in games, go out to win the fekker rather than fearing the opposition - we're playing Cambridge ffs.

He reminds me so much of Alan Irvine, he really does.

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Just now, WalthamOwl said:

Embarrassing. Moore won’t be going anywhere though will he. 

You reckon?

Personally can’t see Chansiri showing patience in L1.

He reckoned we could get promoted last season after the points deduction was halved. 

I genuinely believe DC will believe we should absolutely walk this league. 

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Why are we having to watch this crap week after week. Someone needs to take responsibility and sack this Muppet. Even if we get something out of this it does not change anything. Been shocking all season.uto

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2 minutes ago, Miffed said:

I don’t mind this season being a reboot and a rebuild. I wouldn’t even mind so much if we did finish mid table.


What I would expect though, is to see signs of what type of squad we are trying to build.  An identity at least. 

If Moore knows this division and was allowed to sign so many players, he must have had a style of play in mind.


Instead, it looks like Moore’s plan is to change the formation and tactics 48 hours before each game. 


It's not a reboot or rebuild though is it. 

Most of our players are loans or contracts that come to an end in 1 or 2 seasons. We have to get it right now or next season is back to square one. 

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