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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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Just now, S6ToBerlin said:

I honestly almost never slag off our own players but what exactly is Wing supposed to offer in this team? I swear he does nothing whatsoever except lose the ball occasionally.....


That makes him sound like one of the better performers. 

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Just now, BadBoy1762 said:

I dident think we could ever have a crappier team than last season......... but well done Moore 👏 👏👏  you have achieved this 👏 👍 🙌

Don't be silly he just needs more time.

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I’ve seen Cambridge 3 times this season and they are ham shank, we however are an absolute disgrace and yet again the fans turn out in numbers.


It’s about time they gave up, I certainly have. By the way Moore, just F off.



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2 minutes ago, TrickyTrev said:

I’m sorry but it’s been long enough now to see there is zero week on week improvement in this side.


We haven’t played well all season and there are no signs in this team of things getting any better.


Darren Moore hasn’t got a clue what he is doing. He will not mould this group of players into a team and the last thing we should be giving him is more time.


A full season of this garbage and the prospect of either L1 or L2 football next season and season ticket sales will plummet. That could create big problems for the club.


Get rid now while there’s still plenty of time to save our season.


It's OK because second half we can completely abandon the tactics he started the game with and bring some wingers on, given that once again we have chosen to play without wingers but only have wingers and strikers on the bench. Maybe he can bring Berahino and Kamberi on to play out wide while Corbeanu and Shodipo sit in contemplation of their summer decisions. 

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I don’t mind this season being a reboot and a rebuild. I wouldn’t even mind so much if we did finish mid table.


What I would expect though, is to see signs of what type of squad we are trying to build.  An identity at least. 

If Moore knows this division and was allowed to sign so many players, he must have had a style of play in mind.


Instead, it looks like Moore’s plan is to change the formation and tactics 48 hours before each game. 

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