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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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3 hours ago, sternlad said:

Reyt…but where is His Flagship…I mean Warship…no, Lordship..that’s what I mean.

I am concerned. Apparently he was in the Nun's Chuff last Wednesday drinking copiously (and mixing it) muttering incomprehensibly, inconsolably: 'It's the 14th'..... 'Senlac Hill'... 'heroes'... 'just another 30minutes'... 'Housecarls'.. 'The B*st*rd'. 

No one knew what he was on about and Stubbs had to carry him out at 1 in the morning. 


Then matters worsened after the Owls' result against Wombledon. He disappeared into the wine cellars and was only discovered by Her Ladyship at supper time last night. Barely conscious and surrounded by empties, muttering 'tip tap', 'shieldwall' 


I fear his Matchday thread may be in doubt. 

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Cambridge United, 4 home league games without a win.


Not to worry, we've brought out customary red carpet with us and will proceed to roll it out shortly before 7.45pm.

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7 minutes ago, SiJ said:

I just like the fact we signed a load of players to play 4-3-3 and are now lining up 3-5-2.

It’s brilliant management.. as Al Pacino said “No matter how good you are, don't ever let them see you coming.”  Moore has taken that to mean don’t - pick the formation and team that the opposition expects when looking at your squad.  

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