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Man of the Match & scores - Wimbledon (A)

Man of the match  

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    • Wildsmith
    • Iorfa
    • Palmer
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Dunkley
    • Wing
    • Hunt
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Gregory
    • Brown
    • Berahino

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1 hour ago, Emerson Thome said:

Completely baffled how we managed to let that slip. Aside from set pieces, Wimbledon showed nothing in the first 65 minutes. But we crumbled under not very much pressure. Trying not to get too upset, but it's hard. We nicked a win against Bolton we didn't deserve but now have had the same and worse done to us. Got to question the mentality of the team, although technically on the football side we created loads of good chances today, and hardly conceded any chances in open play. But then the only 2 they had went in.


Wildsmith: 6 - a bit flappy and a reckless pass here and there. Should have done better with first goal.

Iorfa: 7 - thought he was dominant for the most part, can't be blamed for the goals

Dunkley: 6.5 - did what he does, unlucky with the blocked shot at the end

Palmer: 6.5 - Again, untroubled for the most part, then suddenly we concede 2 goals

Hunt: 7.5 - Thought he was very good, lots of good runs and crosses

Brown: 4 - Full of running, but no quality, lost his man for the second goal, missed an easy header at 1-0. Really don't think he's ready for the first team.

Bannan: 9 - MoM, brilliant performance, strong tackling and defence, controlled the game, assist for Gregory and two wonderful crosses for Brown and Wing (the pen)

Dele-Bashiru: 7 - Great running in first half, almost created a goal from harrying their defender but lacked composure

Wing: 7 - Usual mix of good stuff and bad. Was about to score when fouled for the pen, blazed over a few minutes later

Paterson: 6.5 - Battled, but a few things didn't fall for him

Gregory: 8.5 - Can't ask much more than 2 goals, was let down by the defence


Berahino: 6 - Couldn't make the ball stick.

I'd go with this analysis pal 

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Glad to see Dele Bashiru get a start. Apart from his poor finish, sounds like he had a solid game. Strange substitution again taking him off that didn’t help our situation. Hopefully he did enough to force his way into the starting lineup  for the next few games that can only hep with his confidence.

Gregory on the score sheet again……..👍


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Wildsmith - 6 - Didn’t think he was at fault with either goal, but did little.


Hunt - 7 - ok defensively and excellent going forward.

Iorfa - 7 - few scary moments but saved us several times

Dunkley - 6 - scares me to death but wholehearted

Palmer - 6 - superb until the goals

Brown - 1 - Thats 2 for his poor first half and one taken off for the worst second half of any player I can recall. He is not not not not not a winger Darren!!!


Bannan - 8.5 - MoM - we didn’t deserve him. Superb. 

Dele - 5 - seven for his excellent powerful first half but was awful second 

Wing - 5 - Poor


Gregory - 8 - terrific goal and links well with Paterson

Paterson - 6.5 - improves us. 


Berahino - 1 - him coming in and moving Paterson back changed the game. Nothing stuck from that moment on.

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Wildsmith - 6 - Didn’t think he was at fault with either goal,l


Hunt - 7 - some good balls into the box

Iorfa - 7 - saved us several times

Dunkley - 6 - 

Palmer - 6 - 

Brown -  4 Poor today. Should have come off

Bannan - 7.5 best game for a while 

Dele - 6 some good, some bad

Wing - 5 - Poor


Gregory - 8 - Put another shift in. 

Paterson - 6 meh


Berahino - 3 Stealing a wage


Moore - 3. Crying out for changes after they scored. Just watched. The one change he did make was rubbish 

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Ws 5 scary with crosses and kicking, not sure where he was for 2nd

Hunt 6

Iorfa 7

Dunkley 6

Palmer 6

Brown 3 awful miss, poor with ball, lost his man for equaliser

Deli 6 not had the chances wing has but already looks better, strong, mobile and less wasteful before tiring

Bannan 8* good assist, put it on a plate for brown too, everywhere

Wing 4 Wasteful, lost his man twice at set piece crosses, blazed over unmarked from 10 yards, very poor all season, try johnson there until luongo back, might cover brown better and offer a cross

Pato 7 good knock down that wing blazed over, great cross for gregorys near hatrick, 1 half chance but volley was saved

Gregory 8 great opener, solid pen, shame his header saved

Berahino 0 as offered zero, should try theos pace up front but he persists with same poor perfomers like him and wing

Dons fairly poor and in 17th but their manager made positive changes and we sat back, usual.

Moore needs to stop playing wing and berahino, more points dropped sitting back, scraping play offs 50/50 at best

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9 sets of ratings in so far. Average scores are:


Wildsmith: 5.8

Hunt: 7.0

Iorfa: 7.1

Dunkley: 6.2

Palmer: 5.9

Brown: 3.7

Wing: 5.4

Bannan: 8.2

Dele-Bashiru: 6.4

Gregory: 8.3

Paterson: 6.4


Berahino: 3.8


I'll add up the final ratings at the end of Sunday.

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Wildsmith - 7 - Made a decent save before Wimbledon's 1st goal, could do nothing to prevent either goal, and made another smart stop at 2-1


Hunt - 7 - Had a good game down that right flank. Could've easily got a couple of assists today, had chances been taken. Defended sound enough also.


Palmer - 6 - Switched off in the 1st half for a cross, which should've been punished, but, thought he got better as the game went on. Came out of defence to create overloads on occasions also. However, he's probably got to look himself for both goals?


Iorfa - 7 - Couple of needless fouls in the 1st half, but his pace got us out of some potentially threatening situations. 


Dunkley - 6 -  Thought he had a sound enough game today. Looked a lot more confident than he did last week, and didn't really seem to be troubled too much.


Brown - 4 - Stinker. He was awful offensively in the 1st half. Kept falling over. Trying to do to much. Giving the ball away.  2nd half, he got caught on the ball in a dangerous area, and switched off for Wimbledon's 2nd. How he managed to complete the full 90 minutes is beyond me?!


Bannan - 8 - Man of the Match - After the 1st 10 minutes, he ran the game. Benefitted from having runners, FDB and Wing, alongside him which drew players away from him. Recently, we've been too static in central areas, and its just suffocated Bannan. Today, he was back to his majestic self. Great assist for Gregory's goal, could/should've had a couple more assists also. 


Dele-Bashiru - 8 - Thought he was terrific. A breath of fresh air. Gave us something we've been crying out for. Somebody with the desire to get forward and commit players. Technically he's very good, he's as strong as an ox and he'll run all day. Yes, there's bits to his game he needs to sharpen up...but given the lack of midfield performances we've seen recently, he's really stamped his mark on that role.


Wing - 7 - Much better today. Seemed to had been given the licence to play his natural game...getting forward, and affecting things. Looked dangerous, should've got a goal...and going forward, we'll see much better performances, from himself and the team, if he's given that role, rather than the holding one he's been doing for the 1st 11 games. 


Paterson - 5 - Disappointed me today. Didn't win a great deal, and I thought the game bypassed him at times.


Gregory - 8 - He's a top, top finisher. The way he took his 1st goal was brilliant; made it look so easy. Confidently stuck away the penalty, and was unselfish late on, after rounding the keeper. 




I was staggered we managed to win the game against Bolton last week...and today, I'm equally aghast at how we've managed to throw away such a dominant, and comfortable position away.


Of course, we have to be concerned about the way we chucked away 2 points. Lapses in concentration, and an inability to grasp control of a game when its going against you, has once again reared its ugly head. The substitution was bizarre, and cost us the game in my opinion. FDB was running the midfield, and his movement and athleticism was creating the space for Bannan to do his thang. Bringing on Berahino and moving Paterson back, not only made us static and rigid in midfield again, but gave us no physicality up front. I accept the lack of midfield options isn't ideal, but the game was running away from us from that moment, and Moore just stood by and watched it slide away from us. He HAS to react to what's going off. If we can see it...surely he can! He's used ONE sub?!


However, given all that, they were more signs of positivity from todays performance than Bolton's. We looked like we'd found a pattern to our play, especially in the 2nd half, and created some very good chances...which should've been taken. Disappointing, but there's some encouragement going into Tuesday. A victory on Tuesday, and 7 points from the last three games wouldn't be a bad return, ahead of a home game on Saturday... I'm trying to be optimistic!

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I cannot understand the clamour to play johnson at left wing back. I agree Brown was hopeless, but only a couple of weeks ago he was the answer to the left back problem and look how well that went down today. When Johnson has played he's equally as bad in that position, as is Palmer. Moore's recruitment defensively has been terrible.

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4 minutes ago, megsonstheman said:

I cannot understand the clamour to play johnson at left wing back. I agree Brown was hopeless, but only a couple of weeks ago he was the answer to the left back problem and look how well that went down today. When Johnson has played he's equally as bad in that position, as is Palmer. Moore's recruitment defensively has been terrible.


Johnson's best, most natural position is wing back. Or a right midfielder in a 4-4-2.


He's not a natural winger in a 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) nor is he a left back.


I don't disagree, that form wise, he probably deserved to be dropped. But no manager, watches that game, sees his left wing back having an absolute stinker like Brown was, and doesn't bring him off for a like-for-like (probably more suited) player available to him on the bench. He was an accident waiting to happen all game...and we payed the ultimate price for the manager's inaction. 



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45 minutes ago, megsonstheman said:

I cannot understand the clamour to play johnson at left wing back. I agree Brown was hopeless, but only a couple of weeks ago he was the answer to the left back problem and look how well that went down today. When Johnson has played he's equally as bad in that position, as is Palmer. Moore's recruitment defensively has been terrible.


I honestly think Johnson has been decent for the most part. Don't get the criticism. Seems like a much better bet than Brown. He played the whole of last season for Boro at wing-back so sure he'd know what he is doing there.

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I didn’t post last night as I was fuming with losing two points AGAIN. I actually thought we played decent football until the 75th minute or so and should have been out of sight. Yet again pathetic game management and Moore not making subs has cost us. For me he has to go.


Wildsmith 6 looked nervous as hell. Could he do better on the first? I think yes

Hunt 8 played well. Put in multiple crosses and two or three were excellent. Surely we can do this without having to play a back 3?

Iorfa 7 good tackler but needs to stop having brain farts

Dunkley 6 ok

Palmer 6 ok

Brown 3 absolutely woeful. This was his chance and he was crap. His defending in general and especially for their  second goal was beyond awful. Threw away his opportunity 

Bannan 8 the lad is quality. Defended well and as we know picks passes going forward. Anyone who can’t see this is an idiot

Wing 5 who is this imitation? Outstanding for Rotherham last year. Absolutely anonymous for us. Why?

Dele-Bashiru 5 I’m not impressed. Has talent and goes past a few players but is anonymous did the majority of the time. Missed two excellent chances as well

Paterson 6 quiet yesterday. One brilliant cross for the Gregory chance

Gregory 8.5 outstanding performance. Held the ball up brilliantly and his first goal was excellent. I’d have given him a 10 if he’d stick the header away


Berahino 4 he’s crap from what I’ve seen so far. Not particularly pacey and not strong enough. Missed another good chance


Moore 2 his fault we’ve lost again. Why are we playing a back the pub league? I didn’t realize that we were playing AFC Munich!  Then yet again he changes nothing. It was obvious that Brown was having a stinker yet he doesn’t stick Johnson on. He’s signed players to play 4-3-3 and then he plays with no wingers which means our only players who get you out of your seat, Shodipo and Corbeanu, are stuck on the bench. I’m totally sick of him!!



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Throwing points away like this is crazy but some of the movement going forward yesterday was very good, it’s mainly the defence we need to sort out.

Stick with Dele he will only get better and we also need the centre backs to pass to the midfield as their forward passing is atrocious.

Why oh why does Iorfa bomb forward when we are winning ffs.

A good left back is needed ASAP plus (and I hate to point out players) Wing & Brown need to get their act together because performances like this loses points + games, there again we surely have better players than these two.

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Gregory my MOM closely followed by Bannan. 

Dele-Bashiru showed us in first half that he is eventually going to be a top player one day, 'I think/hope, he can be brilliant one minute and then awful next, should have buried that chance in first half. 


I didn't reckon much to Wing's performance and Brown kept giving ball away, especially second half towards end. 


Throwing 2 points away was very frustrating to watch though I wouldn't put the blame on Moore for it, especially when players are missing easy chances like they did yesterday. 

Had Hutchinson or Adeniran been playing I'm pretty certain we would have seen game through. 

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Gregory closely followed by Bannan who had an excellent game. Frustrating result but the improved performance leaves me with a little hope, Moore leaving would leave me with a lot more hope...


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Not a Gregory fan but,he did well put himself about.

Thought Dele looks promising now,give him a run in team watch his confidence.

Wing id drop him.Put another runner in there with Bannan and Dele.

Hunt got forward well.

Brown not convinced.

Rest of em M'eh.....



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Wildsmith - 5 - had me worried at times


Hunt - 7 - some good crosses

Iorfa - 7 

Dunkley - 6 won his headers, did nothing wrong

Palmer - 6 - ok

Brown - 4 - another really poor performance. Just not good enough


Bannan - 8 - Wonderful to watch. Terrific use of ball, always looking to set things up, great work-rate too. Joint MoM if I could have two votes

Dele - 6 - Looked great at times but end product lets him down. Should have scored twice (but at least he got in those positions)

Wing - 5 - What's up with him? One decent pass inside full-back to Hunt but too many rushed passes/shots/headers. Is he unfit? He just didn't look comfortable.


Gregory - 8 - MoM Some lovely link play, great set up for Berahino, 2 goals, shot on target and endless running. 

Paterson - 6 - Did well with his shot on target but struggled to make an impact.  


Berahino - 5 - I keep seeing moments when he gets an opportunity to show what he can do but fluffs it completely. I honestly think he's forgotten what to do. Not sure how much longer we should persevere with him in the hope that he finally remembers. I think Corbeanu would offer more.

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