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Man of the Match & scores - Wimbledon (A)

Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Wildsmith
    • Iorfa
    • Palmer
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Dunkley
    • Wing
    • Hunt
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Gregory
    • Brown
    • Berahino

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Gregory, a proper forward. Deserved better today.


We simply can't prevent the opposition creating chances, way too many. Simple mistakes, no ability to shut up show with a two goal lead.


The manager is under pressure and deservedly so. We simply must improve.

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Not a bad performance today. Unlucky not to win. 

Referee poor again.

6.5 all round. Apart from Gregory 8, bannan, hunt and iorfa 7. Brown and Wing 5 as I thought they made to many mistakes and offered little going forward compared to hunt and bannan. 

Shame we didn't get a 3rd and kill game off. Bashiru was guilty of a terrible first touch that would have put Wimbledon out of sight. 

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Completely baffled how we managed to let that slip. Aside from set pieces, Wimbledon showed nothing in the first 65 minutes. But we crumbled under not very much pressure. Trying not to get too upset, but it's hard. We nicked a win against Bolton we didn't deserve but now have had the same and worse done to us. Got to question the mentality of the team, although technically on the football side we created loads of good chances today, and hardly conceded any chances in open play. But then the only 2 they had went in.


Wildsmith: 6 - a bit flappy and a reckless pass here and there. Should have done better with first goal.

Iorfa: 7 - thought he was dominant for the most part, can't be blamed for the goals

Dunkley: 6.5 - did what he does, unlucky with the blocked shot at the end

Palmer: 6.5 - Again, untroubled for the most part, then suddenly we concede 2 goals

Hunt: 7.5 - Thought he was very good, lots of good runs and crosses

Brown: 4 - Full of running, but no quality, lost his man for the second goal, missed an easy header at 1-0. Really don't think he's ready for the first team.

Bannan: 9 - MoM, brilliant performance, strong tackling and defence, controlled the game, assist for Gregory and two wonderful crosses for Brown and Wing (the pen)

Dele-Bashiru: 7 - Great running in first half, almost created a goal from harrying their defender but lacked composure

Wing: 7 - Usual mix of good stuff and bad. Was about to score when fouled for the pen, blazed over a few minutes later

Paterson: 6.5 - Battled, but a few things didn't fall for him

Gregory: 8.5 - Can't ask much more than 2 goals, was let down by the defence


Berahino: 6 - Couldn't make the ball stick.

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Wildsmith 6 - made me nervous throughout, not commanding enough. Possibly could have done better with both goals

Hunt - 7.5 Got up and down and a couple of decent crosses 

Iorfa - 7.5 Bailed us out a couple of times and was very strong

Dunkley - 7 Did reasonably well

Palmer 6.5 Not his best position

Brown - 5 Very poor today, lack of composure, was wrong side of attacker for their 2nd goal.

Bannan - 8 Some great passing, rarely lost the ball

Dele-Bashiru 7.5 Got up and down the pitch and was surprised he came off. First touch needs improving but very strong and a central midfielder who can drift past players.

Wing 6.5 Got forward well but surprisingly he seems to panic far too often. 
Patterson 6.5 Put himself about but not much of an end result

Gregory 8.25 Marginally better than Bannan, unlucky not to get a hat-trick

Berahino 5 Did nothing when he came on


Substitutions questionable again, but Moore went 3-5-2 and had 2 subs on the bench who are very traditional wingers and don’t really fit the system. Cant understand why he didn’t bring Johnson on for Brown who was clearly struggling or change to 4-4-2 putting Palmer at LB and then Johnson LM with the opportunity to bring Shodipo or Corbaneau on the RM spot

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Wildsmith - 6 - Not spectacular, few dodgy kicks


Hunt - 7 - Decent balls in

Iorfa - 8 - Class

Dunkley - 6 - Did alright

Palmer - 4 - Went missing for both goals, but not his position

Brown - 3 - Bit of a nightmare tbh


Bannan - 8 - Great assist, got up and down

Dele - 7 - Promising performance but should have scored

Wing - 5 - Anonymous


Gregory - 9 - 2 goals and put himself about everywhere

Paterson - 6 - Put himself about.


Berahino - 5 - Anonymous


Moore - 4 - Should have changed Brown, should have bolstered the left hand side when we had a chance. Should have brought on some pace when they were pushing. Just doesn't seem to be learning from mistakes.

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4 minutes ago, Lincowl said:

That was Brown wasn’t it? He was horrific. Bringing on Berahino seriously stunted us. Lightweight and ineffectual.

Don't think so. It was on our right side so doubt it was brown. The chance could have been squared to players in the box but the first touch was so bad the keeper came and stopped it

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Gregory got the goals and worked hard. 


Dele-Bashiru was the best after that, missed a sitter but he wasn't the only one. He was the only one with the energy to get around the pitch as the midfield required in the closing stages. The substitution was baffling. 

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Better performance than of late but gutted to draw after going 2 goals up.


Poor substitution, Dele was powerful in midfield and also Paterson and Gregory were working hard for each other. 


Wildsmith.  5.  Started off poorly steadied himself.


Hunt.   7.  Got forward well and put in some good balls

Iorfa.   6. His pace got us out of trouble but at times he is all over the place

Dunkley 5.  Headed a few clear.

Palmer.  5. Can't think of much he did well today.

Brown. 4 Woefull both in attack and defence.


Bannan.  8. Superb vision and played some terrific defence splitting passes

Dele Bashiru. 7. Really strong and powerful showed for  every throw in. Lost half a point for his miss. Midfield fell apart when he went off.

Wing. 5 Very poor first half but a bit better second.


Paterson  6. Worked really hard alongside Gregory.

Gregory.  9. MoM Very good performance 2 goals and worked his socks off. Looks much better with Paterson alongside him to share the workload.



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The numptyness of fans in choosing Two goal Gregory defies belief . Bannan was the hot knife cutting through butter repeatedly and the chances that Wing and Gregory squandered blew it for us . Although other than that they were decent.


Here goes.


Wildsmith:                 6 - a parry into play for first goal ?. Beaten on near post from long cross for second.

Iorfa:                           7 - thought he was over enthusiastic as we dominated. Wouldn't have mattered had Wing or Gregory buried third.

Dunkley:                     7 - did well in his battles.

Palmer:                      6.5 - He'll play anywhere  but part of a three is not his forte.

Hunt:                          7 -  Had a bit about him today.

Brown:                       4 - Carries when he should release. Releases when he should carry. Lost his man at the end at a 2 point cost.

Bannan:                     10 - MoM, Brilliant performance, strong throughout, controlled the game perfectly, made most chances.

Dele-Bashiru:             6 - Begining to settle.

Wing:                           6 - His sky rocket miss cost us the game !

Paterson:                   6.5 - Battles hard well worth him being there rather than not.

Gregory:                     8. -  BOS OK 2 goals gets him Bums Off Seats Award but I know he can convert much more.


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