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Yep, but not even based off today.


His interviews lost me saying he’s going to constantly make changes and that he doesn’t care about performances.

Probably the earlier I’ve ever advocated change. Get someone with promotion on their CV. 

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2 minutes ago, TrickyTrev said:

The guy is clearly out of his depth here, can’t wait to see what drivel comes out of his mouth after that sorry performance.

The same as last game and the one before and the one before that... Copy and paste ad infinitum

I cannot abide listening to him. I caught his prematch on ifollow before the start. It really was cringeing.

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I can’t understand the thinking of anyone defending him. The guy is incapable of setting us up to convincingly win a game of football …..IN LEAGUE ******** ONE 



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Just now, Beauchief Owl said:

Well that's another weekend spoiled.

One sub used and even then it was the wrong player brought off.

No cohesion or anything to suggest Moore is actually a good coach IMO.



Is Moore picking the side or a chansiri. ? 

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2 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:

He doesn't care about performances anyway. 


We go again. 


Lets put it right on that training pitch!


We will work at it. 


The opposition are an amazing football team. 




‘It’s my job to see the wood through the trees’ :ghoulguy:

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7 minutes ago, WAWAWUTO17 said:

I'm sure Moore used to be a decent defender as well lol

Think this is the problem. If it was a case the football was dire but we were water tight and a one goal lead was enough it wouldn't be enjoyable but it would be acceptable. 


At the moment, were just awful in every department

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1 minute ago, Sefton owl said:

Be reyt Bruce be out of a job soon :ghoulguy:

That's the sort of thought that comes to mind - I understand "Moore Out" - but to be replaced by whom? I don't think we'd be much of a catch for many L1 managers, right now, let alone managers with recent Championship experience...

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