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Wimbledon vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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3 minutes ago, Tewkesbury said:

17% of his total passes were missed long balls. So more like 80% accuracy on his shorter passes, most of which were in forward areas so less likely to succeed than ones in our half. Actually pretty good.

It wasn't me who brought up passing. I was highlighting Wing's work rate in the game. 

Wing also only lost possession once, in their area, to Gregory's 7.


Did Gregory work?


As hard as Hunt, Wing, Paterson, FDB, Bannan, Brown?

Not even close.



What has Gregory done to you?

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Just now, hirstyboywonder said:


What has Gregory done to you?



I just don't see how, in a side that's struggling to score, the main focus of our attack, who's strengths we're playing to, gets a free ride, while everyone else on the team is getting flak?

Why, after 6 games not scoring, was he even in the team?

As I said, we've abandoned the formation as he couldn't play in it, to play to his strengths. We have a load of attacking talent sat on the bench who'll probably leave in January leaving us high and dry if anything happens to Gregory.


DM has gambled our season on him. I hope it works, I just think it won't. 


Pace wins in this division. We are massively one dimensional in attack, we have no pace, no long ball threat, no aerial threat. All we have left is tapping it about and hoping Gregory has the best season of his career at 33, because if he doesn't, we're screwed.

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From what I've seen Gregory has been working hard off the ball, wins lots of chests down and is mobile, despite his age. I don't think we're playing 3-5-2 because of Gregory, he could just as easily play in a 4-5-1/4-3-3. It is just that our wingers have been poor and Moore seems to like this 3-5-2 to counter teams that play 4-5-1.


Wouldn't be surprised to see us line up 4-5-1 some game soon with Gregory up top.


It is also worth pointing out that in addition to his 5 goals, Gregory has got two assists. The chest down for Adeniran's strike at Ipswich, and when he harried the defender, won the ball then pulled back the cross for Paterson at Wigan.


So could argue his goals/assists have already won us 8 points this season.

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