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Wimbledon vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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15 minutes ago, Salmonbones said:


Careful, Hirstyboynobhead will be pulling you up on posting things not relevant for the matchday thread.


Dear oh dear. 

Have you been drinking?

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4 minutes ago, Mike Hunt said:

Dele and Bannan playing well but Wing is like a headless chicken with his boots on the wrong feet 

Defence looks ok , would like to see Johnson on for Hunt, his passing is shocking 

A left winger on for a right back to play right wing back,.


you've read Darren Moore's mind!

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11 minutes ago, jonnyowl said:

All of Paterson's good work is without the ball, when he gets the ball he's very poor.


Personally I like players to be able to control and pass the ball, rather than just run around a lot!



That’s like my cooking abilities… all my best work is without the ingredients, when I am given them I’m crap.

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Just now, Mike Hunt said:

He played well there the other week when he was switched 


And in the rest of his career?


Personally I'd like to see players play in their natural position, round pegs in round holes and then we might start to look like a decent side.

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1 minute ago, MoorfOwl said:

The top three in this division are all currently averaging two points per match or better.  To reach the same stat we need to win this one and then the next three consecutively.


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