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It’s the simple things that bother me with Moore, the little details 


Hutch injured again for example, after playing him in midfield. The same happened at Wigan when he played in there. 

Every man and his dog knows Hutch is a CB 

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1 hour ago, royalowlisback said:

Charlton didn't have a squad with the quality that Moore has, an attack minded coach would be p155ing this league with the squad that we have.


We have a decent squad for this level. But I think some people are definitely overestimating how good it is. Lots of players with plenty to prove imo.

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2 hours ago, JOHNHARKES said:

We are 9th 5 points off top 2. With a game in hand and yet to hit 3rd gear nevermind top gear. Take away the Ipswich dropped points and Oxford game where if we rightly get a pen and score we win. Thats 5 points we would be top. We will get better. UTO.

Exactly, JOHNHARKES - but you'll never make the headlines with common sense - and most supporters think like you - but there are always the stirrers, who think they must be right.  New players, new league, but same old 'supporters' calling for another sacking. Ridiculous - they don't know much about real life...

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Get a grip people please.


If BPF looks behind him and the linesman v Shrewsbury knows the offside laws we are joint top.  Ifs and buts but come on.


DM has overseen the biggest turnover of players in many years and would imagine a number have come because of him.  Fair enough he has not nailed down a best 11 or preferred system and there alarm bells around interviews but to be calling for his head is an embarrassment to our fan base, although not entirely surprising.

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2 hours ago, William 1867 said:

Need to give him the season.

Inclined to agree, and this is my gut feeling whenever I see these threads.


We all want - and to an extent expect - to bounce back up more or less straight away, but at the time we went down I think I mentally prepared myself for a couple of seasons at this level, based largely on the shocking state our threadbare squad was in.


Suddenly we get a (surprise, let’s be reyt) very impressive transfer window in - for the first time in a very long time - and all sense of perspective seems to dissipate overnight. We’re all massively impatient again.


I get it, I really do. Nobody wants to be playing teams whose grounds our away fans can easily fill 40% of for any longer than strictly necessary, least of all me. And nobody wants to be watching cagey, over-cautious, weirdly defensive football week in week out.


But our absolute number 1 priority for this season was to stop the slide - which had been ongoing since CC’s final season, let’s not forget - and steady the ship. I’d argue DM has done that already; there appears to be very little risk of finishing bottom half this season (knock on wood etc), and we’re sitting in a good position for a piecemeal assault on the top spots as the largely new squad continues to find its feet.


As things stand, I’d argue we can at least relax in some confidence knowing that we do seem to have stopped the ongoing downward spiral from the upper echelons of the Champ over the past 4-5 seasons. There will always be bad results but we’re not *still dropping*, and that was job one.


Yes there are concerns about squad size and shape, game plan and tactics, and whether or not DM even knows his new players well enough to forge any real identity to our play yet. But those things can and will only come with time.


If DC made this appointment in anything like the same frame of mind most fans were in when we got relegated, then DM will be seen as having achieved his first goal already. I doubt he’s going anywhere while we’re top half this season, and honestly I think that’s the right call.


Should we fail to get promoted back at the first time of asking, I doubt that would even be deemed a failure per se in terms of what he was initially asked to achieve.


Sure, if we end up down here next season and struggling, he’ll be gone in fairly short order you’d think - but for now, despite all the very understandable frustrations, I don’t think he’s missing his ‘KPIs’, as it were.


IMO we need to be mindful of where we were as a squad and as a club on the day we went down, and look at things in that light as this season develops.


We also need to see more from Moore and his boys in an attacking sense on the pitch, but again that’s something we should expect and demand as we move into the new year, not be ranting about while barely into double figures for games played (and in a decent enough spot in the table, let’s not overlook.)

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24 minutes ago, Emerson Thome said:


Charlton did have a squad that finished 8th the season before and players like Chris Turner, Ian Porterfield, Tommy Tynan, Rodger Wylde. They weren't complete no-hopers.


Also, Moore didn't inherit a brilliant squad. He inherited one that finished 24th and hasn't come from behind to win in 2 years.


If we do now have a squad which is as brilliant as you think it is, then surely that is down to Moore? Some of the squad decided to come here specifically because he is the manager. Others like Iorfa and Windass have signed contract extensions since he joined. He didn't arrive and have 25 superstars all raring to go. We only had about 12 players at one point and a ban on spending transfer fees on top of that.

We finished 24th because of the points deduction, the squad was good enough to stay up, and would have done without it.

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37 minutes ago, Sefton owl said:

What do you mean by ‘decent squad’? Certainly there is depth, but i think many players still have a lot to prove:

- Dunkley

-Marvin Johnson

- Gibson

- Shodipo

- Corbenau (admittedly not had much of a chance yet) 

- Dele bashiru

- Kambieri

- Berahino


There’s probably a few I’ve forgotten but theres only a couple of new players that have been consistent so far, Adeniran and Gregory. 

So in summary, it’s far too early to say it’s a decent squad. 


Nope - it's a decent squad - how can it be far too early? We're in October. We are not getting the best out of them/the team should be settled by now too. Weird line-ups + subs, last minute goals conceded - that is the manager not the players.

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5 minutes ago, WTF said:


Nope - it's a decent squad - how can it be far too early? We're in October. We are not getting the best out of them/the team should be settled by now too. Weird line-ups + subs, last minute goals conceded - that is the manager not the players.

How many of the new signings have you been convinced by so far then? 

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I've just checked my calendar and it definitely says that it's the 11th October just as I was thinking it must be 1st April.


Here come the clichés, 


It's a marathon not a sprint and we're well placed on the shoulder of the leaders to make a late surge to the winning line.


Sometimes I really have to wonder what sort of a parallel universe some of our fans live in. 

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1 hour ago, adelphi1867 said:

Since 2016 we have had 12 changes of manager, at an average of 7.8 months, so if any one comes in, and the fan's favourites are Lowe and the young lad at Harrogate, that's how much time they would get, before the fan's will be calling for them to be sacked and new Saviour's will be identified.

We signed the hottest manager in football, who took a small provincial team to the Premier League. He was called Danny Wilson.


We then followed the same path and signed the next hottest guy in football, who took a similar provincial team to the PL. He was called Paul Jewell.


Now, we want a guy who has sort of got a third division team playing well after 3 years. I think someone said they won 3 out of their last 17 games last year, plummeting down the league, having looked playoff contenders.


When will people learn, new managers do not get other managers teams playing better than the previous guy? Bring in Ryan Lowe, cue: the squads not fit enough; never seen an injury list so long; the players cannot play my style of football; I need 3 transfer windows to shape in my image; theres a losing mentality throughout the club; the academies miles off; yadda, yadda, yadda.


We have gone with Moore, his players, his back room, his style. Now he needs a full season to be judged, including the January transfer window. There are no quick fixes at our level of football or income. We have to self generate the majority of what we become. That……unfortunately takes time. Very different to FIFA21.

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3 hours ago, Asio otus said:

Ridiculous to even consider it at this stage.




It feels very much like a small band of Owlstalkers are creating their own echo chamber and whipping each other into a frenzy here.


Okay, performances are hardly scintillating, but there's no reason to be giving serious thought to sacking the manager at this point.

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2 hours ago, Supervisor2 said:

Bloody hell……….the blokes only been in the post eight months (including serious illness, a pandemic and closed season) Results have been mixed and players still getting to grip with different styles of play and formations but it’s not as if we’re in the bottom six losing every week.


For those that remember…… it took the great Jack Charlton three years to finally get us out of the old third. In his first two seasons we finished 14th. Did we complain? No we backed him with his team selections and style of play that must have been very different to the players he selected and had available at the time. I don’t recall any protests of ‘Charlton Out’  after two years never mind eight months 

Luckily for us, he stayed and was given time to reshape the club and the rest is history.




Ah. You forget! Social Media hadn't been invented at that time.


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1 hour ago, NorthernOwl said:


We have a decent squad for this level. But I think some people are definitely overestimating how good it is. Lots of players with plenty to prove imo.

We have the best squad in this league. Every game 8/9 of our players would get in the other starting 11. 

If Moore had a positive attitude and went at teams we have the potential ability to win this league. Carry on as he is and we’ll struggle as we are. 

I didn’t wanna be on his back but he’s making simple mistakes over and over and what he says is the opposite of what’s happening. I think he has to go 

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I'm quite ambivalent as to whether he goes or not, and that is kind of the problem. The football is that boring, it drains away the interest and creates the kind of inertia that has been prevalent for the last 20 years or so, play some up-tempo, attacking football and even if the results don't come, at least people will enjoy the game.

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