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Bore off Darren

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10 minutes ago, Mr Meadows said:

Seen enough to know he’s not the man to take us up, get shut now so we don’t have to waste anymore Saturday afternoons watching this turgid sh ite.  yesterdays win just papered over the cracks.


lets be brave and go get Ryan Lowe.


unless things change dramatically with his approach, I’ve no interest in going anymore, walking out yesterday felt like a defeat



Yet another saviour who is going to guarantee success.

Just like the other's, who by the way are not pulling any tree's up .

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20 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


Yeah, some of the personal insults aimed his way in recent weeks are poor form, in my opinion.


Whatever you think of his management of the team, he's a decent bloke doing the job to the best of his abilities.


Those who don't rate the job he's doing would do themselves a favour by focusing on the reasons why rather than mocking his speech patterns, questioning his intelligence, or telling him to 'bore off'.


Most boring negative football and mind numbing interviews ever, and I’ve seen us under eustace

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i would given darren till dec 1st if things dont pick up by then as in playing better than id have him gone then , that gives a new manager 1 month to access what he has , might allow some loans to leave by jan 1st early and freshen squad up playing a different way. though i severely doubt giving him till dec 1st will make a blind bit of difference. 

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