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Back 3 - if you say so Darren

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First half was a line of 6 25 yards from our goal, 30-40 yards of dead space then 4 players stood in a line upfront.


2nd half Adeniran filled that gap and Paterson dropped deeper into the midfield AFTER the goal.


The mad thing is immediately after HT we definitely changed to some sort of 442/433 where Brown was higher and Paterson was playing as a 10, leaving a huge gap down the right.


Yet Moore seemed pretty adamant that the system didn’t change for the 90minutes. 


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On 09/10/2021 at 18:21, 0114 said:

There was one point in the game it became 7-0-3 where we just seemed to leave Berahino, Gregory & Paterson up top. Was very strange. 



We had a 6 man defence, yet Bannan was still taking it off their toes, and often dropping deeper than the 6 man line to pick up the ball.


Truly ridiculous tactics.

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On 09/10/2021 at 18:23, stanningtonowl said:

Winning ugly. Promotion form.


We've also been losing ugly and drawing ugly, with 2 ugly wins in 7 and sitting 9th in the table, so maybe cool your jets with that "P" word. 

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I am not against 3-5-2 , when played properly it can be very effective and at least gives you two strikers.


The most alarming thing of all is Moore spent all summer recruiting for a 4-2-3-1 , and if he now wants to change that leaves us with a lot of square pegs in the squad.

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Yes, totally agree Screen Door Slams.


The 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 whichever term you prefer does give us that important partner for Lee Gregory who has looked lost and isolated in so many games under Moore.


Far better though than Moore's front 3 of front 1 formations.


But why on earth did he spend the summer bringing in wide players: TC, Shodipo, Johnson, chasing Simms and we already had Green.



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