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Darren Moore - I don't care!

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'I don't care about performances, but a win is a win, I thought we did well, credit to the boys, Bolton were the best side we have played, and we have done them, the game plan was get the ball wide and it worked with the goal, I'm pleased today.' 

We only had Thursday and Friday to plan the system and it worked!

I'm always going to change our systems and today we were gritty and dug in and this is League 1 for you'.


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I’m sorry for this but he sounded like a fool. He also sounded like he was in a job  interview, one that in hindsight he shouldn’t have got.


Personally I’m not that bothered about post match interviews, however he sounds like a badly broken record.




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The late great David Bowie wrote songs by cutting up words and then picking em out of a bag and joining them together. Pretty sure that Darren Moore does similar with the squad before a game. Not really having the same success though is he.

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Just now, alanharper said:

The system "worked" because we got a somewhat fortunate win at home to Bolton, who were two divisions below us last season. 


Bloody hell, he's a tactical genius now 

Desperate interview if you ask me.

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Seems like a manager who’s under pressure and when you are, it does strange things to people.


I like the guy, I’ve been behind him and I want him to succeed, but I will be gobsmacked if he gets us promoted and he’s a success here. 

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