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Have we ever had a Moore negative manager?

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1 minute ago, RichieB said:

Just enjoy the win tonight 


I'm trying but it's really hard to be honest. No way we deserved that result today. The players can be so much better than that, you can see it. Moore is stifling them with his shocking "tactics". 

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We’ve had loads of more negative managers IMO. Jos, Pulis, Eustace spring to mind. 

It’s not the negativity that’s our biggest problem. It’s the fact we don’t seem to have any real playing style at all (apart from suicidal fánnying about at the back). I genuinely have no idea what the formation actual was today. Our goal was a terrific ‘League One Standard’ goal. Get the ball to a runner in the channel. First time cross. Good poachers goal. But beyond that I don’t know what the hell we were doing. Bolton were guilty of over elaborate play. If they had hit a few crosses in earlier themselves rather than seemingly trying to walk it in we could have been right up to our necks in it by half time!

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23 minutes ago, OneManBand said:

There was that time when Jos played with no forwards and the time we went a whole month without a shot on target.

Yep I agree, was going to post this before you beat me to it. I also thought he had passed away at one match as he was motionless, it was like watching Weekend at Bernie’s. One film for older ones like me! 





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