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Kieran Lee

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14 hours ago, hirstyboywonder said:


Without him we failed to remain a Championship club while he has spent the last year enjoying his football. Yes he was costly in terms of wages, probably not on anymore money than the likes of Paterson and Luongo now though and I know who I'd rather have. 


Enjoyed watching him today, played with fluidity, thankfully it seemed like he didn't want to score against us and those who did, like Kachunga, were incapable.


A good day in all, though we were far from convincing. 

Yes we won a match we could have easily lost,and in my view if Boltons finishing was better we could have lost it with a hatful,2 chances all game,leading to one goal,and that from a long punt upfield and a quick cross into the box for Gregory to have a simple tap in....

Thats all we have to do in this Division,to create goal scoring opportunities....yet we fail to do so match after match.......

If DM watching what did,and didnt work today(as at Wigan) reverts back to his preferred(and ineffective)passing it out  'systym'...than he needs to go  NOW

This squad is potentially good enough to top the League,but they are being made to look  distinctly average at best..

Good points JW looking much better in goal,DM at last changed things around,at 442 towards the end we looked way more effective....

Will he persist with his lone striker and defensive minded approach?   If he does he should move on...

This is Division THREE!!! its a league full of poor sides,we re one of them...we are here because we were not able/good enough to remain a Championship Club..others are here because they are unable to climb higher,or like us remain in the Championship.

With the right tactics and playing style Clubs can escape this League....What we cant do what Rotherham did consecutively? or Barnsley?

All this L1 is a hard League to get out of nonsense is just excuses for failure......We have to outplay our opposition where it matters,in their final third and box,bang in crosses into the box,make defenders and GK work harder,and defend by keeping our opponents on their back foot,not by passing the ball backwards and sideways across our own 5 yard line  playing slow ponderous football,and inviting oppositions to simply high press,and make us lose the ball in dangerous areas.

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1 hour ago, MRGRIM said:

Couldn't help but laud his movement yesterday. Caught the eye several times just doing really basic stuff that no one in our current squad does.


He makes it look easy at times because it is natural to him. Looks to pass forward and keeps moving to make space or receive the ball back.  

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19 hours ago, Rodger Wylde said:


Ok, I forgot to say 'Consistently', the best player since the Premier days.


You could count Kieran Lee's poor games on the fingers of one hand and not use three fingers.


Forestieri?! Like you say, for one season, and that was if he fancied it and everything was going his way. Mardy tw@t.

This is a very subjective argument its more who you preferred to who was better . Now I liked Lee as a player but I remember when he came as a right back nobody was convinced by him and he had a few poor performances until he was moved into middle 


Were as someone like Hector for instance seemed to come in and hit the ground running so to speak 

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A proper footballer is KL.

Yesterday it was great to see him as he was a player who I always enjoyed watching for Wednesday. His one weakness was his inability to pull the trigger enough when in good positions - fortunately that was on show yesterday or we would have lost convincingly.

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On 09/10/2021 at 10:32, Sham67 said:

That was Gary Hooper by an absolute country mile.

Agree, he continually showed his premiership class....an absolute steal at £3m and I'm certain we'd have ended Huddersfields long unbeaten run in the play offs if he'd been fit. Lee, though, was the next best, a proper footballer, always looking for space and linking defence and attack. One of the very few from that team who was good enough for the PL. I know FF has his supporters but whilst brilliant on his day, he didn't deliver often enough and was a complete mardy ar*e. There's a reason why no PL teams came in for him

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On 08/10/2021 at 22:50, swfcjack27 said:

Let’s give him the reception he deserves tomorrow, what a player he was for us. The ultimate box to box midfielder. That hip injury prevented him a crack at the premier league I’m sure. That goal against Brighton in the play offs never seems to get any recognition, his turn was Bergkamp vs Newcastle esque. Top player 

Great reception guaranteed for a top player 

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