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Rob Lee

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8 minutes ago, YesWeCrann said:


I do welcome Rob Lee to S6 but can’t help feeling his reign may be a little short if Moore and Co doesn’t come up with a winning formula pretty soon.

At the moment we appear to have as many back room staff a players which is not a problem if they coach the players to win matches.

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24 minutes ago, Rodger Wylde said:

Head of Sports Science.


Does that mean if he is Head of it that there are even more people in this essential dept?


Dunno if you're being sarcastic or not, but Sports Science departments are essential in sports teams.


They run all the way through the English football structure. For example, top of the league Sunderland and Wigan both have departments.

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What we need is a head of football tactics.


The head of sports science might find a way to reduce injuries but if the players are running round like headless chickens it's not going to do us much good.

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