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Newcastle takeover.

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22 minutes ago, DobbinTheDonkey said:

The hypocrisy of writing about Saudi Arabia human rights record on Chinese made tech.


However people are always able to conveniently forget what goes on in other places as long as it doesn't affect them.


The Geordies will be able to do it easily, like most would.



But we are flawed ourselves, so whether Geordies care or not is irrelevant based on whether we would is irrelevant really. It’s yet another terrible regime and football again sinks lower.

I just hope it speeds up the super league and we can watch a stripped down game

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Newcastle, with MA had a very slim chance of going out of business (in the next 20 years) but now they have pretty much a zero chance. 

Is that something to be ‘applauded’ at least ?


I just heard how the City owners write off every debt at the end of each season without doubt. It’ll be the same here. 

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1 hour ago, Southie_Owl said:

Can see Conte being the next boss at Newcastle.  Eddie Howe is an early favourite with bookies but think the new owners will be aiming for a bigger name. 


More like Eddie Who???


Big name for sure....hopefully it will be someone shīte who gets them relegated.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if they went for Gerrard. 

Big name with an up and coming profile as a gaffer, and for him the challenge is similar to Rangers - big club, huge fanbase, desperate to start winning. Only with the resources dialled up by billions.. 

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The Premier League has approved the takeover after receiving "legally binding assurances" that the Saudi state would not control the club.

Instead the Public Investment Fund (PIF), which will provide 80% of funds for the deal, is seen as separate to the state.


This is despite the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, being listed as chair of PIF.


The sale went through after the deal passed the Premier League owners' and directors' test.


Fuucking lol 

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25 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

Never liked Newcastle - the fans seem to have that arrogant sense of entitlement and that they’re a “big club”


Probably won’t happen now, but I’d just love it, just love it, if they got relegated this season.

If it was going to happen to one club in premier League glad it was them, they do have a few idiots but lived up there during the Keegan era and they take their football obsession to the next level up there absolutely obsessed.



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