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Newcastle takeover.

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Just now, beswetherick said:

At least it’s them and not Leeds

It’ll be them next, prime for it.


Barcelona will be loving this. Preparing a deadwood sale list as we speak. 

Courtinho for sale, 3 previous owners.

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6 minutes ago, H2Owl said:

It’s frustrating to see people tweet images like this then the minute they get taken over it’s all dancing in the streets and celebrating.


Football needs to get a grip, fans are just too fickle. 

What’s the point anymore? What is there to achieve if you’re not bankrolled with unlimited money? Part of me wishes they did make the super league a closed shop and give us back the game we enjoyed.

As far as Newcastle fans go some of them are already unbearable on social media giving it the ‘no club deserves it more than us’ line.


I hope it goes balls up myself.


The rise of finances in football was inevitable. It’s the most popular sport in the world. We’re in a different world to the 1980s economically

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I’m ok with it. 

Puts the cat amongst the pigeons for the top 6 clubs. 

The good thing for Newcastle fans is they’ll get some success… hopefully they can still afford to get tickets if prices increase. 

The bad thing is people will start to dislike them like PSG etc and all the other stuff that comes with being bankrolled to that extent. 

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1 hour ago, Ellis Rimmer said:

I was actually under the impression that the PL wouldn’t let Saudis buy Newcastle due to the human rights, not the fact they have issues with Qatar and bein sports which have now been resolved lol 

Yep, all they were worried about was the EPL money.


The civil rights issue, isn't even on the radar.


Says it all really.

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Yep. Effectively bought out by a country that engages in terrorism, assassinates journalists and political opponents and treats women appallingly; and the f*ckwit fans are cheering in the street.


... just waiting for my mothership to come get me; sick of this f*cking planet!

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11 minutes ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

Another kick in the gonads for SWFC 

Our contemparies from the not too distant past 

Citeh, Chelsea and now the Geordie's are in a different stratosphere to us...

Just thinking same mate

That 83/84 season 

What a great season that was

Wednesday City Chelsea and Newcastle battling it out. One of my favourite seasons following Wednesday 

If you could for tell what would happen nearly 40 years later you would not have believed  it

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I'm sure there'll be loads to read about this takeover, but I really enjoyed this. Newcastle have been on a bit of a rollercoaster it seems.


Lived in Sunderland for a while when I was younger, always enjoyed the rivalry between 2 proper football clubs.


And Newcastle's away end is amazing, probably my favourite football ground after Hillsborough.



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The hypocrisy of writing about Saudi Arabia human rights record on Chinese made tech.


However people are always able to conveniently forget what goes on in other places as long as it doesn't affect them.


The Geordies will be able to do it easily, like most would.



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21 minutes ago, Lawrie Madden said:

The one thing that would ensure that i never bought another ST if Wednesday ever got Saudi owners 


The most abhorrent regime on the planet 

And even ex player turned pundit Shearer lapping it up. What kind of message does that send?


Football just a play thing for the vulgar. 

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