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Bed Wetting

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6 minutes ago, sherlyegg said:

Rub of the green?

Oxford had 19 attempts on goal and 10 corners.


Ipswich had twice as many attempts as us.


Shrewsbury had 15 attempts and 6 corners


We are getting what we deserve.


Implying we have been unlucky is well wide of the mark.


Agreed and when you look at some of the games where we have won, it could be argued the opposition didn’t have the rub of the green.


The wins against Rotherham and Wigan stick out a mile, we were very lucky to win them both.


I think some fans forget that luck isn’t a one way thing.

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3 hours ago, Sefton owl said:

Or us, we won ffs. 

Yes in the 93rd minute against a team in the bottom 3 of league 2 who played a selection of their reserves who kept us pegged back for large parts of the game, all in our side were 1st team or potential 1st team, yes the conditions were poor and its hard to play against dogged sides but that display gave me no confidence or sign of progress whatsoever.

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3 hours ago, markowl said:

We could always go back to the Pulis hoof it up the field method if we're talking tactics.

Not even worth mentioning TP mate,but at least he had the good sense not to stay......A better comparison would be the football Barnsley played last year under their manager......

Direct,ball played forward quickly,and with an emphasis on getting /creating a goal scoring chance...

How are Barnsley doing this Year playing out?

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Count me in on the ‘bed wetting’. 

I’m getting impatient as flip with Moore. 

I want to see Wednesday kick on.


Are we going for promotion or experimenting and accepting any old formation / squad / style / desire / result. 

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