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Man of the match - Mansfield (A)

Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Wildsmith
    • Hunt
    • Johnson
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Gibson
    • Dunkley
    • Corbeanu
    • Wing
    • Berahino
    • Kamberi
    • Sow
    • Palmer
    • Brown
    • Shodipo

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7 minutes ago, Mike Hunt said:

Everyone saw Wing lose the ball and two passes later they scored 


Apart from you apparently 

Yep, saw that, the only player on the pitch at the time…ffs there are some tools on this forum 

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Wildsmith: 7 - Good handling on a blustery day

Hunt: 6 - A little under par

Dunkley: 7 - Thought he was solid and looks a bit more comfortable RCB

Gibson: 7 - Decent enough debut

Johnson: 8 - Seems like a perfectly decent fullback to me, with a good eye for a cross. Don't know what the moaning is about.

Corbeanu: 8 (MoM) - Occasionally got in Hunt's way, but always looks to beat his man and fine cut-back for second goal.

Wing: 7 - Battled, lost the ball a few times (for 2nd goal) but also drove forward and scored. Hit and miss.

Dele-Bashiru: 7.5 - Liked how he drove forward.

Sow: 4 - Was dreadful for the most part, not involved when he started on the left, then greedy when he played as striker.

Kamberi: 6 - Was on for a 5, but then persevered to score at the end. Don't think he suits playing deeper as he kept giving the ball away

Berahino: 7 - Thought he got in good positions and looked like making something happen.


Palmer: 7 - Came on and was solid

Shodipo: 6 - Didn't really add much, thought it would have been his type of game.

Brown: 6.5 - Can't complain.

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5 sets of ratings in so far from the Owlstalk hive mind. Surely we can perform better than this on a cold blustery Tuesday night in Mansfield....?


Average ratings so far:


Wildsmith: 6.8

Hunt: 5.8

Dunkley: 5.6

Gibson: 6.6

Johnson: 6.2

Corbeanu: 7.8

Wing: 6.0

Dele-Bashiru: 6.7

Sow: 5.0

Kamberi: 5.6

Berahino: 5.6


Palmer: 6.3

Shodipo: 5.7

Brown: 6.2


I'll tally them up at the end of Wednesday night, to keep track of our much-coveted 'Papa Johns Trophy Best Player' award.

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Good result but not great again


Wildsmith 7

Hunt 5 awful

Dunkley 7

Gibson 7 

Johnson 6 better at right back

Wing 6

Dele 7

Sow 5 he’s poor

Corbeanu 8 nice assist and dribbling 

Kamberi 5 he was awful. Would have been a 2 if not for the goal

Berahino 4 poor


Palmer 6

Shodipo 6 lively

Brown 7 please play him and Shodipo on the left 

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