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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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Is the ref Rebecca Welch? Great to see that.

She was the first female ref to officiate in an EFL game - League 2 back in April. She's also reffed women's internationals.


More of this sort of thing, god knows the blokes we normally get aren't inherently any more gifted.

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1 minute ago, debram said:

And its not even Mansfield 1st 11


yeah i had to switch to the home commentary for a bit and they were talking about "what an encouraging showing it's been from the kids"



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3 minutes ago, debram said:

How low we are mate, will get worse unless DC gets a proper manager


I honestly thought we'd do ok with Darren.

First manager I've taken to since Carlos early days.

But as time goes by I look at our performances and results and have to admit the alarm bells are beginning to sound yet again.

Opposing players look sharp and hungry, ours look comfortable and apathetic.

I'm just grateful I've seen the best times with this club, feels like a lifetime ago.

I must stop drinking on a school night.


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