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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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5 minutes ago, graz gp said:

What's happening. Have these players seen each other before tonight. They don't have a clue. Trying to pass it out from the back. They can't put two passes together. Like watching the kids on Sunday morning. Get Moore out of the club. He is a waste of time

To be fair some of these players don’t even seem to have ever seen their feet before the way they are playing.

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Thought this was a good team building oppertunity, but we just seem to field one disjointed set of players after another. What can you possibly gain from playing so many different players in so many different formations? 


Finally Brown is on. Unfortuately as a reaction to Mansfield ripping us up. He should have started there, from the start, as a positive team change. Shouldn't most of the teams we play now be having to worry about what we will do to them? 


Johson playing on the wing provides the assist! Played Wednesday, at last square pegs in square holes! 



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Just now, CalmJimmers said:

Is Johnson the new scapegoat for this year?


He's been pretty awful 80% of the time i've seen him, has a habit of getting an assist when you're 5min from going mad at him to just about keep the wolves at bay

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