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Mansfield Town V Wednesday - EFL Trophy OMDT

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Just now, graz gp said:

What's happening. Have these players seen each other before tonight. They don't have a clue. Trying to pass it out from the back. They can't put two passes together. Like watching the kids on Sunday morning. Get Moore out of the club. He is a waste of time

don't worry, we go again

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3 minutes ago, jonnyowl said:

Love how we are playing out from the back with 2 centre backs that can't pass a ball.

None of our centrebacks are ball playing/passing centrebacks. Maybe Hutch is. Again it's a case of square pegs in round holes. Everyone can see it apart from the manager. Usual Sheffield Wednesday story. 

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1 minute ago, dr. benway said:

I’ve a little bit of sympathy for playing out from the back in these conditions, long balls could go anywhere. It’s just a shame we don’t seem to be able to actually… y’ know… do it competently. 


Few, if any, at this level can do it competently.


Which is why we shouldn't be doing it.



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