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Reda: "Give the squad time."

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This week we were joined by Reda Johnson who gave his thoughts on the season so far. He was quick to point out that the "squad needs time" and that "Darren Moore is the man for the job."


...but how long do we give them? 


A month? 


End of the season? 


Take a listen to the full episode here


The Wednesday Til I Die Podcast.

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Reda is just picking up expectations, biding his time, then make a move for manager and achieve 3 promotions on the bounce. I can already see it when I close my eyes. 

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Very happy to give the the players time.


They are not the problem.


It is the manager with his chopping and changing, poor/no tactics and ineffective late subs 


With proper management squad could be good 





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4 minutes ago, Earlsfieldowl said:

He is right about the squad but wrong about Moore - he isn’t going to take us anywhere.


Its the Turner/Sturrock scenario  - latter had form when it came to getting teams up and it counted.


Basically we need the like now 




Is there anyone out there that you would want to manage us instead? 

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I still think Moore is the right man, but he needs to start proving that on the pitch. 


I'm not for the short term get promoted at any cost approach, think we need to build and become sustainable, rather than lurching from one manager to another, otherwise we'll come back down.wirhin a couple of seasons 


Moore has a squad which would be the envy of most L1 managers, needs to start getting the most from it. That starts with a settled formation, team selection and must stop changing to accommodate the opposition. We've seen it with successive managers, it doesn't work, just plays to the oppositions strength while we look disjointed.


We don't need jack's of all trades we need round pegs in round holes and players to win their individual battles. Once that's done we've earned the right to play and can impose supposed quality. 

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1 hour ago, crookesowl said:

He’s right. It’s crazy how quickly some people have turned. 


People are turning - or more accurately doubting the manager due to what they are witnessing. We are getting worse rather than improving with time to gel and some of the tactical selections are baffling. 

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All due respect to Reda...he was great for us..but seriously?

which formation do we "give time" to?..Cos DM changes them every week....

He asks us to give them time...but he changes it every bloody week...Seems he's not prepared to "Give them time"


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Ok until its too late to claw the season back, the writing is on the wall, moore has had long enough to give us hope and optimism, at present i have neither and i dont think ime alone.

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