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Yes I would say so his stock is still high after what he achieved down the road. I have it on good authority the reason he's not working is that they have to pay him per the terms of his contract which is top dollar. He will be a fairly wealthy man when its done. However I take your point that he aint in the same  profile league as many in the Premier League.

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22 hours ago, Southie_Owl said:

Umm there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to beat us, because he’s a pig.  And that’s the point.  I don’t get the obsession with appointing Warnock or Wilder as if they are the only two managers who are any good. As I say, I personally don’t think the atmosphere would be very good when we start having losing spells and having a pig as manager. But that’s just how I’d feel about it and appreciate others are different 

I don’t think there is an obsession with Warnock or Wilder, but they are both very good managers at this level. I’d also go as far saying we haven’t had a manager as good as either of them in the post Atkinson period. I completely agree that Wilder would be under pressure if we had a bad run and also I don’t know if he’d be open minded enough to consider us. 

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Oh come on. Even wilder is in it more for the money than the love of sufc. 

Imagine how it would wind all the little piggies up if he was absolutely smashing the league with us. It won't happen. But it would really get them going. 

Fact is wilder is just the sort of person that we need. A guy who excellent at getting the most out of players with limited abilities. He would play a team that has a role for each player. The role will be what they are best at. He could be a turn coat like we have had with Carl Bradshaw, Derek dooley, Terry Curran, leigh bromby, Alan quin, Owen Morrison, Leon Clarke, Derrick Geary are just off the top of my head who have been at swfc and then sufc. I know there is more but I can't remember the names. I think mcmahon, oh Danny Wilson managed, in fact there is loads. Mostly going from Wednesday to united via other clubs. I remember watching Carl Bradshaw and you could see that he was a blade from day one. He never fitted in at Hillsborough. Wilder needs a job more than warnock does. He would have to do his best or his career is finished as he not got any decent work offers after the miracle he performed at bramall Lane. He actually deserves better as he is the only person around who is proven to be effective with improving bargain buy players. He knows that the sum of the team is far better than individual performances. If everyone works for each other then anything is possible. Sufc is a weaker club without him. He has been proven right in the disagreement at the club. His plan was the best way to go. United will never be near top half of premier league again. 

I only wish we had a ex player with his management skills to help us at Wednesday. Fact is we haven't. So if wilder is an option then we should grab him while we can. I more interested in Wednesday future success than rejecting the best candidate for supporting the piggies 

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14 hours ago, fpowl said:

If people turn on Moore after 10 games into a season wilder would have no chance he wouldn’t even make it to an international break


owlstalk would be unbearable with all the knee jerk trigger happy out club shouts 

We are going to be just as impatient with wilder as any other manager. Some want DM sacked after losing 2 games. We can't be any more impatient 

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