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Moore In or Out?

Moore In or Out  

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  1. 1. Should Darren Moore be sacked?

    • Yes, he should go now
    • No, he deserves more time

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Not seen any signs of improvement since the start of the season so time to go. The turgid style of place is not working. Clearly trying to bore the opposition to giving up just isn't working.

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I don't want to be that club that hires and fires every 6 months. What we need right now, and what we've needed for years, is a period of stability. I'm not naieve enough to think that if results don't improve he won't get sacked but if Darren Moore can decide on his best 11, that would be a good start.

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5 minutes ago, heppers said:

Took us down.


Failing with his own signings.



bit harsh to say he took us down….the front half of the ship had already sunk I’m afraid. 

that said you are bang on, he’s failing with his own signings!! He as had a full preseason and has had 10/12 games to set us on the right path and with the exception of 2/3 games the signs aren’t actually any good. 

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Managers are either inspiring or uninspiring and DM is definitely the latter. I just can’t see him getting any better results or performances from this group of players. If he carries on we may end up mid table or at worse with our current form (5pts from 18) in another relegation scrap. Very hard to comprehend.



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We (DA) sacked Turner after 9 games stating:


He was dismissed following the Owls' 1-0 home defeat by Bournemouth on Saturday, which left them with 12 points from their first nine games.

Wednesday chairman Dave Allen said: "It's unfortunate, but I'm afraid we're parting company with Chris Turner.

"He knew that we had to do well over this game and the next game at Wrexham. The pressure was on but neither the team nor Chris delivered."

Allen added: "I'd said we had to get nine points out of those three games to get us on two points per game, which would get us out of this division.

"We have to go forward and to do that we have to part company.

"That's the position as of now, we shall hopefully be making a new appointment next week.

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He seems lost to me, has no idea about his best team, formations and persistence in playing players out of position which is extremely baffling. Think he is hanging himself tbf unless he changes his approach alas no sign of that.

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