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Problems with Opodo - don’t book with them

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I booked a flight to LA, was a bit of a gamble but transferable so I thought I’d be ok.


id heard of Opodo but didn’t research how crap their customer service is.


When you phone up with your ref number it says they can’t do anything as it’s too far in the future. When you go on the website it says you need to phone up. 

I feel like I’ve been done.


There’s an option to cancel the flights but I obviously don’t want to do that as I’m pretty sure I won’t get much/anything back.


I think my best bet may be to try and get vouchers from KLM and Air France separately.


Anyone else had a similar problem?

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your contract is with Opodo. They buy the flights from airline.

You cant call airline and ask for money back as your contract is not with them.

Depends what their policy is but i imagine its not great.


Shouldnt be a problem if you go ahead, just they are not good at notifying you of any timing changes. 

I had a similar OTA booking flight cancelled that i wasnt told about even on the day and it was a mess. I had to buy a new flight.


Always better off booking with airline direct as they are way more contactable.

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I had similar with our flights to America in 2020 through BudgetAir which are often on places like SkyScanner. 


No reply to emails, the call center said the same about it not being a priority etc. I contacted the airline direct but they couldn't do anything as I didn't book directly through them.


I managed to get a refund 11 months later. Same as acquiescefc says, I will always book direct through the airline now as it is not worth the hassle. 

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