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1 hour ago, sagesse said:

400 mile round trip for me and my two daughters for this one. 


First match for a while. 


Come on Wednesday!!!! 

Great commitment kidda. Fingers crossed it’s worth it!!

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Come on Wednesday. Sunday morning in the antipodes means insomnia til fulltime.  3 points makes it worthwhile. 2-0 to the wizards Them OG and Bannan 67 to remind us he’s still the man ic.  

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2 hours ago, Manwë said:

Let's send our learned visitors back home with the greatest knowledge of all, that the second coming has arrived in the form of Professor Dazza Moore. 


Play top trumps on the correct flat cap, none of this graduation cap stuff.   Yorkshire wins again.  They'll be pulling statues down of Rhodes while we will be putting up statues of Palmer and Paterson.  


Let them cry tears so bitter that they can punt their gondolas all the way back down the M1 and M40.


Wednesday 3 Oxford 1.


Maybe a statue for Palmerston PM twice in 19th century !

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