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On the thread about Kieron Lee this week someone said yeah he was a decent player but he’s not fit to lick Dennis’s boots .

Bolton 2-0 up with 2 assists by Lee

Meanwhile at Hillsborough…..

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13 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Currently 12th in league one after 10 games. Shocking. 

Why? Please give one genuine reason we should’ve expected better after finishing bottom of the championship, fostering a reputation for not paying players & spending the transfer window under a soft umbongo resulting in us signing cast-offs and rough diamonds. 
We have had a poor start to the season but it was to be expected 

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11 minutes ago, Pastor Kidneys said:

Almost to a man on here we were delighted with our recruitment this summer.

This is one of the problems on here. Somehow a significant number of posters thought our recruitment was excellent and HMSPTL was genuinely about to set sail. It really wasn’t. Just a conveyor belt of cast-offs and rough diamonds no one had heard of. I expected more from Wing and Shodipo. We got in numbers and recruited 2 players for each position but the quality is meh 😕 

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