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Best SWFC Assist??

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yeah amazing through ball from Waddle. inch and speed perfect. he did that time and time and time again. no one benefitted from his greatness more then Mark Bright.


and to be fair to Ian Nolan, his assist for Hirst's 2nd and Owls 4th was also a peach.


interesting line up we had for that match. a mouth watering front 2 of Hirsty and Kovacevic, and a very attacking midfield containing Marc Degryse (hugely under rated player), Guy Whittingham (another very under rated player), and the Waddler. I like it.


great times. thanks for the post.

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3 hours ago, hirstysfags said:

Inspired by the "through ball" thread, what's you favourite Owls assist?


Mine is the through ball from Waddle to Kovacevic in this video;



Skip to 2:18 for the magic. On a plate.


I just can't deal with the uncontrolled excitement in the commentator's voice. And I think that's the only time I've ever heard anyone actually refer to the Lep as the "Presto Stand", despite what it says on the roof.


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