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14 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

The sad thing is Wigan have had several years in the Premier League and won an FA Cup since we were last in the top flight.


To many younger fans Wigan will be more famous than Sheffield Wednesday

Never, never, never!


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Just looking at Wigan, yes they are currently top and on a good run, acknowledging the 'you can only beat what's in front of you' mantra, they've had a favourable run of fixtures Their last three games vs Cheltenham, Doncaster and Accrington.


Prior to that positive results against Portsmouth and Charlton, during their respective indifferent runs of form and beat Rotherham early in the season (but we also beat Rotherham before they got going).


As a benchmark, they've played Sunderland twice, league and cup, losing both. No doubt they've done great so far, but not all that. 


That said, we're hit and miss, starting to recover from two terrible results and throwing away 2 points on Saturday.


I'm feeling more confident about tonight, of course that usually means nothing when it comes to us, but do not think we need to fear them. 

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Results haven't been great recently, but I don't think we've been bad. We've not been great either, but we've dropped points we should have won, it being our own fault as opposed to the opponent earning it. 


Plus we've had a goal ruled out for offside and multiple penalties turned down. 


Wigan are top, but a win tonight puts us 4 points behind them. 


Complete new squad, new manager and new system, I think after a few positive results fans got carried away thinking it was going to be a breeze. It's a difficult league and we'll have ups and downs. But get behind the lads, we know they are good enough for promotion. 

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4 hours ago, WalthamOwl said:

Really not enjoying this season at all. As crap as last season was I really thought or should I say hoped that this season with new players, new ideas etc and playing against lesser teams my enjoyment and excitement would come back. If anything I’m enjoying this season even less and finding the way we are playing so frustrating, with the squad we have we should be performing so much better. 

It is quite frustrating being sh*te in the football league equivalent of Happy Shopper. 

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1 minute ago, S1Owl said:

its the consistency that underwhelms me, could play a blinder tonight & win then meltdown in next game. Moore's playing out of back against a confident team could be a disaster, hope i'm wrong 

That's league 1 third tier football 

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