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Adam Reach

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Just now, Blatter said:

Probably being played in his best position and paid regularly.
But hey let’s see how many games he starts this season for the Baggies. It’s early days and he always had a few good games for us each season.
Judge him at the end of the season.


But we were told he’d never start and would be a squad player who wouldn’t even make the bench


By pretty much the same people trying to hound out Barry Bannan as their latest scapegoat 


Should we trust their judgment if they’re constantly being proven totally wrong?

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Owlstalk Shop




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43 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:




When Adam Reach left our club he was mocked as some of our fans laughed and said he’d never get a game, would do nothing etc etc


Hes an integral part of the West Brom team now and having a solid time


Maybe just maybe some of our fans aren’t the judge of players they think they are?





Or maybe consecutive managers hadn’t got the foggiest idea how to utilize him


My guess is he has been given a role at WBA  and he knows exactly what is expected of him week in week out


Reach was terrible here

But it was the club that ruined him

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He was always an average to good championship player. He was always going to get a deal in another championship club after he left us. 

I think he just got disillusioned after a few years here. Decided to see his contract out so didn’t put the effort in. 

like all ex players I wish him well 

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43 minutes ago, hirstys_achilles said:

You don't say. Stop the press. 

Typical that a player who we all knew had it in him was gash for us but is putt in the performances for another team. 

Would like to see his stats for tackles completed and tackles won. Would hazard a guess that they not to clever. 

They might be gash but how many wingers are in the side for their ball winning ability.. nonsense comment 

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