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Darren Moore's post-Ipswich reaction

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To be fair I was kind of enjoying the game up until the equaliser. Two rubbish teams both trying hard to outdoo each other with how shîte they were. Awful refereeing as well to add to the excitement. 
Terrible football but entertaining I’m it’s own way. Like an amateur panto or something. 
Two best squads in the league? My arsè!!

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5 minutes ago, Lawrie’s Left Peg said:

Isn’t that because fans are emotional and irrational especially immediately after a game we don’t win? 
We conceded one goal in the 90th minute away to the pre-season promotion favourites due to an unexplainable goalkeeping error. Sounds pretty solid to me. 

It’s easy not to overreact when you look at only one aspect of the game - the result.

And I know results are ultimately what matter, but if you dissect the game and assess the overall play then there’s legitimate grounds for concern 


If you are competitive and do the right things in most games that you can be confident the results will come, even if they aren’t at the present time 


But as usual, we seem to have no identity on the pitch 

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47 minutes ago, GMOwl72 said:

Didn’t go but the highlights suggest we were battered. They should have scored 3 or 4. We are miles off top 6 and if we continue this form (2pts from 12) we are in the poo!




Absolutely battered. So lucky to come away with anything after that level of dominance from Ipswich



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If some fans are happy how we are performing they must be watching different games to me. We have not played well this season. D M asked for patience, but how long does it take. Trying to play it out from the back in the last minute, come on thump it down the pitch. Sort the tactics out

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30 minutes ago, Manwë said:

Only three teams in the league have scored fewer goals than us.  That is not a team going for promotion.




What I want him to come out and say is, "look, I know we are utter bobbar going forward and create almost nothing, but I can promise you that we will be doing extra training this week in order to rectify this. We WILL start scoring goals soon".


I'd respect that.


Instead we get some absolute drivel from him, every week. The answer they give just make all these post match interviews pointless. Cliches etc. Rubbish.


Im no Carlos fan, but at least we got to see him screw up £20 notes for fun and giggles.

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1 hour ago, GMOwl72 said:

Didn’t go but the highlights suggest we were battered. They should have scored 3 or 4. 



I did go.


We weren't battered, but my goodness we were let off the hook several times by poor Ipswich finishing. if the highlights show that we were battered, it's because they created the lions share of the chances.


Like previous games, we were pretty good in intermittent spells during which we put Ipswich on the back foot without showing any sort of threat in the final third. For the rest of the time we just looked pedestrian and short on ideas.


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40 minutes ago, devonshire owl said:

You got to applaud our fans who made that long journey,to see that happen in the last minute,and our performance throughout the game.well done to all of you.safe journey home.

BPF, didn't come over to thank us....think he should have manned up and at least acknowledged us.

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1 hour ago, 0742 said:

That's the worst post match interview he's done yet.


- good performance

- controlled the game 

- good game of football 

- we move on 

- both teams were at it 

- we didn't sit back 

- grew stronger as the game went on

- solid point with a good performance 


quite worrying, as what i saw was very poor. 



In terms of your appraisal, you are right.



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He is obviously trying to spin things and not criticise the players in public but he needs to balance that with some honesty. The fans can see the reallity of whats happing so he is not doing himself any favours and in my opinion increasing the pressure on both himself and the team. Keep it brief and cut out the bullsh**

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