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3 minutes ago, TodwickOwl said:

Hutch back into CB right decision 


Would have played Brown, not sure what Wing has done to deserve a start?


Not sure as he hasn't performed so far.


Maybe his attitude and application in training has convinced Moore he deserves another chance.


But with the pressure of proving himself.

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ITFC signed 19 players this summer. Only Wes Burns & MaCauley Bonne have played well, so far.


So their threat will be down the right 


Defensively they've been poor. Cook doesn't even know his first choice GK yet. He's also switching RBs every week

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Looks 4231 with Bannan more on the right again. Got no issue with Johnson playing LB he played the last 2 seasons at CH level playing as WB and to me a wing back role is closer to being an attacking full back rather than a winger. 

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