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Ipswich Town V Wednesday OMDT

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First properly difficult game of the season, in the sense that its against someone who, on paper, has a comparable squad. 


Neither been in sparkling form, they've taken time to settle but won last week and after a good start we've struggled to find the right formula, tinkering with the team.


No idea how this one will go. They have shown to be vulnerable yet can score goals, we can't really score goals and have shown we can only play for 30 minutes with a. reasonable tempo  before players look knackered.


Need our defensive solidity back today, because we aren't going to outscore them, couldn't do it against Shrewsbury at home, so isn't happening away at Ipswich. No silly mistakes today please.


More in hope than expectation, 1-2 Wednesday (although I see another 1-1 coming)

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Heart says 5-0 Wednesday today👍


Head says we will probably help Ipswich continue their recovery back to form. That's usually how it goes in these situations. If Ipswich were top of the league, unbeaten, no goals conceded, I would have Wednesday down for the win all day.


God I hope I'm wrong....

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A draw will do today, but always hopeful of three points. Just hope all those selected play their hearts out for the fans.

Bandalf with more sorcery than a witches wart today will be too good for the lumbering tractor boys.

Come on you blue and white wiizzaaaarrrds!
Lets do it for Swanny!

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There’s a match on today? Do we really have to?


My optimism for the game last week proved completely unfounded and I now can’t see anything other than 3 points for the carrot crunchers. 

My only hope is that we’ve not been able to find a filling station open to fill the team bus with diesel so we can’t even make it to Ipswich.


Anyway, for what it’s worth, Up the Owls….

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We need to be brave today and stop pandering to the supporters by pretending we are going to try and score! It’s time to drop all attacking players and go all out for a 0-0. Flat back 9 plus a holding midfielder is the way to go!

I think we should be aiming for single figure percentages of possession, all of that with our keeper. 
Nil Nil, it’s the ultimate thrill!

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1 hour ago, 1banana2banana said:

Best case scenario today is the team coach not being able to get fuel and the match being cancelled. 

typically though the lads will have travelled last night and will force us through another 90 minutes of dross. 

happy Saturday all 

I hope not. We can’t afford a 12 point penalty. 

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Which Wednesday turns up today? The one where we field 11 players who seem to have met half an hour ago in the pub after a good session and decided to have a kick around or the other one where they appear to be quality at this level and play front foot aggressive football.

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