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Is Pep Guardiola right here?

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The premier league already has the EFL in shackles with ffp as the condition for solidarity payments. In many ways that is getting u23s into the Championship so that the good ones can be bought back for a few quid.


England have managed WC semi finals and a euro final via much needed changes but thankfully what Pep suggested would be good for England hasn’t been necessary. Its more about dominance and preventing change just like P&S (is any champ club profitable/sustainable or just held in stasis) and the ESL to varying degrees.

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7 minutes ago, happy bunny said:

So the suggestion is that elite clubs can assemble youth teams at any cost to compete outside the PL.


Where does this leave the clubs shackled by spending limits.

Any spending on under 18s and Women isn't counted for P&S.


This is why Man City and Chelsea can train 80085 kids and pay them well, then use them to make money on loan once they hit 19.

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On 22/09/2021 at 22:32, Quickly Kevin said:

F*ck off Pep.


I imagine City fans will cringe at this as well. Knowing they have spent their time in lower leagues in recent history as well.

Only the true, traditional City fan's.

The plastic fan's of the last decade or so wont give a t*ss.

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14 hours ago, scram said:

I find it quite laughable when people say things like "let him manage a team in league 2 with no money and see how good he is then"


he doesn't need to or have to - he's earned his spurs by managing top teams to the biggest prizes


Which is what those who are cutting their teeth in lower league football are aiming to do


He is undoubtedly a great manager and built one of the best teams i've ever seen - he consistently achieves at the sharp end of the game


He's got nothing to prove


Like every manager and club owner he's looking out for his own club - yes in this case it goes against the grain and ethos of what our football culture is


I've seen plenty of people advocate rangers and celtic being parachuted into our PL - people who aren't fans of those cubs advocating it


That's even worse


It's modern corporate football so laugh it off for the folly it is



It’s almost as if people think these top clubs hire any old bloke and give him a war chest 

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I saw Pep play twice. Once for Barcelona, where I don't remember him, I only remember Figo, Kluivert and Rivaldo pinging it about. And once for Spain where I do remember him, he had a great connection with Raul, threading the ball to him through tiny gaps.


He was a great player and is a great manager. He is utterly wrong this time, but it's hard to see how to richest clubs won't pull away more. With the premiership came a global audience for English football, and of course most of the global audience like the most successful clubs which gives them a massive boost in revenue.


I support Financial Fair Play but it's not there to create a level playing field, it's there to stop a club going bankrupt if an owner comes in, gambles, gets bored, and walks away.

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39 minutes ago, Django said:

Does he realise that football isn’t here to serve the top clubs. It’s for the fans 

Tbf, football in this country pretty much does serve the top clubs.


The rest of us are here to make up the numbers and we get a bit of money to keep us afloat.



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