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What's the best long range goal we've ever scored?

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1 hour ago, yeadonowl said:

Siggi Jonsson away at Norwich mid eighties

Memory might be playing tricks but it was miles out

Not only was it long range, he started running with the ball in their half and took a couple of Norwich players on. Brilliant goal and never televised!

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Some great memories posted but for value that Leicester collection away has to take pride of place.


All those mentioned are up there but there was one particular strike ruled out. That was the Don Megson strike in our 5-4 win over Manchester United. Megson was close to the touch line when he let fly a 35 yard rocket that flew into the net. No one was near the penalty area but the eagle eyed linesman ruled someone had got in front of the last defender by a hairs breadth so the 6-4 was denied.  



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