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Tickets for Oxford game

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On sale from Thursday apparently. I'd considered this one, but don't fancy paying £26 (members rate!) to watch us play Oxford, especially given the extra costs of travelling etc for me (Sheffield being 3 hours away, Oxford only 40 minutes away as it goes). Still ruing the £140 I shelled out on tickets, travel and hotel to attend the Shrewsbury game.


Don't think I'm going to get value for money from my membership this year, think I'll wait for those two cheap members games to be announced.

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28 minutes ago, bladeshater said:

Didn't think you went to home games

Go on then I'll bite, I've not missed a home game for 40 years, until this season (last season was covid so doesn't count). I decided not to attend any more because I don't like the way DC runs the club, I have never asked nor wanted anybody else to boycott games, and therefore, categorising Oxford at home as cat a is taking the ******** - is that alright with you?

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So far every game has been either Category A or Category B. 


For a none member turning up to watch the team you are looking at £25-£32 a ticket for division 3 football. Its just not going to happen. The crowds will remain around the 21,000 mark depending on how many away fans come to games and the club will continue to have 19,000 empty seats in the stadium because of a chairman stupidity on the pricing structure.


You don't attract fans back to football by ripping them off. Then if you do go you get to watch a team that is struggling to put 45 minutes of football together per game no matter the fact the games are 90 minutes long.

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1 minute ago, royalowlisback said:

Sounds like a protest chant.


Who are we playing?    -       Oxford


What category is it?      -       A


What do we think about it?       -      Crikey


and repeat.

There wont be anyone there to shout it they will all be in the pub or at home spending a lot less money. lol

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Just now, Halifax Owls said:

Any genuinely skint Wednesdayite with a young un who would like to go but just cant afford it, please DM me. I won a couple of tickets on the Foundation raffle and got ££'s of credit from my season ticket rebate that I'll never spend.



That's really good of you mate


Owlstalk Shop




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