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Ryder Cup 2021

Screen Door Slams

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It was pretty embarrassing all round. Too many players out of form to stand a chance. Casey, Fleetwood, McIlroy all struggled and played well below where they should. Rahm and Hovland the only two who stood out.


They have an incredible set of golfers but half the team are shithouses. So, so much talent in that team though. 


The crowd were tails but they always are. Cheering the ball going through the green or into bunkers, not applauding good shots. Pathetic. 



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Just now, MSN SYSOP said:

America deservedly won that they outclassed us.....only sour note for me was tiger Woods saying in a txt to them I want you to stand on their necks....bit tasteless that under the circumstances 


That f**ker won't be standing on 'owt for a while yet

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1 hour ago, BIG D said:

Which of the uttercunts was it drinking a beer and then slamming the can into the course on Saturday evening? 

SWFC fans coming back from Ipswich ?


Seriously team USA were miles better in every aspect.


Lowry, Garcia & Rahm turned up.


Thought one of McIlory's family had died when he started crying in his interview.

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