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It wasn't as bad as the last game.


First 30 minutes were fine. Good headed goal then a bad miss from a header by Berahino. The penalty was the turning point, we lost it after that and they took advantage. Second half we scored a goal which wasn't offside, the linesman got it wrong. One player might and only might have been offside but he wasn't interfereing with play and the scorer was onside.


We should have won it but we lost our way Shrewsbury did well to manage the game with a lot of 'cramp' and injuries, numerous fouls to disrupt play and just generally wasting time. all credit to them for doing so although it was frustrating to watch. A bad day ar the office.


We lack the killer instinct, we let our heads drop too easily. Considering the players we have who are too good for this division they aren't performing as they should but we have played worse than that this season and much worse last season..

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24 minutes ago, TodwickOwl said:

Well deserved


Gave them an inch and they took a mile


Shocking misses, no idea on how to move from midfield into attack - tactically got to question DM and his subtitution choices, dreadful. 

Just about sums it up.


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1 minute ago, OriginalAlien said:

Disappointing as the last three results have been, I've just realised we're only 5 points off the top... Long way to go in this season yet.

That will turn into 10 points then 15 by Christmas.

We might beat an Oxford but then lose to Cheltenham.

This season has all the hall marks.


Moore v Turner for the booby prize. 

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