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Should be a better performance. It may be that a midfield of Wing, Byers and Bannon is just to lightweight, and the return of Adeniran could fix it. Or it could be that although we have a very good squad for this level, many of them are players that weren’t wanted for whatever reason by top-mid table championship sides, and those sort of players are going to have poor games.

being at home should make a big difference 

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Great OMDT as ever M'Lud.


After last week, I'd take a win, any kind of win, even a down to 9 men backs against the wall 1-0 last minute fluke of a BPF clearance that bounces off a divot and wrong foots their keeper.


However, hoping for a more composed 2-0 Wednesday win Adeniran ad Berahino.

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4 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Still find it disgraceful we are playing teams like Morecambe (and losing) and Shrewsbury. What have you done to this club Chansiri 

Really don’t buy into this logic,  get over urself ,  no point disrespecting teams just because we as a fanbase think we should be playing in champions league 

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