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1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

So slow. No urgency. What the hell is wrong with this club and players. 

Absolutely. Can’t blame the officials foe the lack of tempo. That is down to the manager’s style of play.

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5 minutes ago, VictoryBell said:

This is not good enough. It's a "languish in mid table" at best, performance.

Better perk up before Christmas.

Is it that hard to get a halfway decent manager with financial reserves as vast DC seems to have?

Problem has been finding a decent manager who will work for DC. 

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Just now, WalthamOwl said:

1 point from the last 3 games against Morecambe, Plymouth and Shrewsbury. Unacceptable. This squad of players should be doing so much better. 


If it stays the same then agreed, still some time left. Need to stop trying to walk it in and have a shot.

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