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3 minutes ago, WadsleyOwl said:

Totally irrelevant someone else can put corners in just as good if not better, he should be stood on the edge of the box ready for any loose ball. 

If you mean Bannan on the edge of the area, he can't shoot.

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2 minutes ago, S1Owl said:

playing it out of back when they not good enough to against battling teams in league 1  After the pen miss they retreated into defence & they could've gotten another. I know we missed chances, that's another thing they look deadly in training ffs. Need to play high tempo getting crosses in not fannying around at back 


Playing out from the back isnt causing issues.


The players retreated into defence and thats their weakness, wont have been on Moores advice.


Lets see what happens 2nd half.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:



*Wednesday score from a Bannan corner*

*fans come on at half time screaming like babies for Bannan not to take corners*


Without BB we would be totally lost...lucky to have the lad.

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