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HT 1-1


Great start to the game, could and probably should have put this game to bed.


Disappointing we have let them right back in the game.  


We need to be more proactive second half, and more ruthless up top.  

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The score line is ridiculously unfair but that is why we’ll be mid table this season. No killer instinct.

We played well first 30 minutes but Cosgrove is schooling Iorfa.

We get the next and floodgates could open. If they score first  then Moore will be under pressure tonight.

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Hope we don’t regret the penalty miss.  Had we scored we could have been coasting.  

We are creating chances and some good moves but we do look lightweight at times.  Controversial call but I would put FDB on for Bannan second half.


Shrewsbury have some big lads making clumsy challenges and the referee has let it go on the whole.  Welcome to League 1!

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First 25 minutes was the best we’ve played all season. Absolutely dominant, Shrewsbury could barely make it out of their half. Heads have dropped since the penalty and we’ve started dropping deeper as well - we need to come out second half as positively as we started the first and put this game to bed

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2 minutes ago, S1Owl said:

Moores tactics are terrible. 


In what way?


We have been attacking and creating chances then keeper drops a howler.


Players commiting forward and getting in box.


How is that bad tactics?

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1 minute ago, Bluesteel. said:

Everyone else you’d associate with top six just seem to get the job done. Why have we started struggling to do basic things?


Probably because we haven't proven once on the pitch that we are as good as many fans think. And secondly league 1 teams will play up to us all season. Thirdly, typical Wednesday mojo kicks in with a keeper mistake and a robbery of an away goal. 

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