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Sheff Wed 97/98 - Championship Manager


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Used to play that game religiously.  Whenever I was Wednesday boss I basically transfer listed that whole squad straight away, sold all of them and bought young “highly rated” players”, particularly foreign, and in 1-2 seasons time they turned into world beaters.  Used to win the champions league and PL etc.  Fun times 

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16 minutes ago, CalmJimmers said:


It's a little depressing seeing that.


Not a fantastic team, but would wipe the floor with pretty much any team we have had in the last 20 years.

Not hard to see where the problems were, is it. Can see a decent enough first team there - with Di Canio, Carbone and Alexanderson representing some actual quality - but then there’s absolutely nothing. 

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Guest LondonOwl313

Remember him being on the bench but think Pressman was fit the whole time he was here so don’t remember him playing for first team.


That squad is utter garbage.. take out the best half a dozen players and the rest aren’t better than what we have now in League 1. It shows how much the standard of the Prem has gone up as that squad would be looking at a record low points total, and I think we finished 12th that season

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I much preferred these early versions. The later ones wee too complex for my simple brain although of course they are more realistic.


Although my finest hour was winning the Premier League with us on the 2005 version. Richard Wood sealed it with a last minute winner against Chelsea. 


At least I can tell the grandkids that "I was there".


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20 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:

Bruce Grobbelaar was only ever an used sub for us on a couple of occasions.

Was a great goalkeeper for Liverpool but think the match fixing allegations make him a person I would have little time for.

I don't think anything in particular was proven but plenty of evidence he was up to no good.

A stain on our game.


Thank God Sheffield Wednesday have never had players done for match fixing.

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