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Derby- Enter Administration

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21 minutes ago, the third man said:

Surely they cant take the full hit of all the points this season, if one set of points deduction sends them down the rest must go onto next season

Looks like it could be the plan. Can see them accepting the 9 points from the efl now aswell to get it all over with and with -12 they are unlikely to stay up anyway. 


If they do end up on -21 points and anything that is not nailed down is sold. They may struggle to even get to 10 points.

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Just now, Earlsfieldowl said:

how long have you got? 

Probably not long enough. Perhaps I'm just long on the tooth but wasn't it great when relegation was decided on the pitch? I have no great love for Derby County but we know how much Derby fans must be hurting right now. It's sad, ridiculous and stupid how money has come to dominate the game. 

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14 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

I don’t think they will survive administration unless they have a pre pack. 



12 minutes ago, Costello 77 said:

What does that mean mate?


Normally a cheese sandwich, crisps, drink with straw, and a small chocolate bar.

Thats what my Grandaughter gets.

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