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This away kit is not acceptable

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It's rare for an away kit to get everyone's support, and of all colors, pink is always going to be one of the more controversial ones. But make a story about it, and you could get all fans onside.


If the club rolled it out as pink for breast cancer research, with a portion of proceeds going to said charity, I'm sure everyone would be proud it.

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18 minutes ago, Green Calx said:

"Totally unacceptable" 😂


It's a pink kit. So what. There's much bigger things in life at the moment that are "Totally unacceptable" and a pink kit isn't one of them 

His point is not that it's pink but that it looks like Red and White


Which is totally unacceptable

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13 minutes ago, Steve Down South said:

Dreadful kit, but then again I’m not a big fan of the home strip either - don’t like the  lack of stripes on the back.  Having said that, I don’t much care what they wear providing the effort is there. 

DM's working on it right now. Extra Training.:tango:



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I like the kit. I think it makes us look cool, trendy and sophisticated. I am knocking on a bit but I can definitely differentiate between pink and red and white stripes. 
Please find it in your heart to accept it. 😇

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